ShuttlePark2 ADA Policy

Customers with Special Needs

Shuttlepark2 will make reasonable accommodations for customers with special needs. We are trained to handle ADA specific situations and are happy to assist in any way. Our ADA accessible shuttle, equipped with a wheelchair lift, is on demand 24 hours.

In the rare event our ADA accessible shuttle is not available, the following transportation alternatives will apply.

First Option: Valet the customer vehicle: explain to the customer that we will park the vehicle for them and keep their keys. This service is at no extra charge to the customer. A customer must authorize SP2 to take them over in their own vehicle to the airport. We will provide an employee/driver to take them over. Our driver will drive them over to the ticketing level, get their name, return date, and keep their ignition and door keys. Return the vehicle to the lot, take a parking ticket and park and lock it in the designated area. Leave the parking ticket on the passenger seat. Bring the vehicle keys into the office and put them in an envelope and write ADA on it along with their name and return date. Upon return, the customer will call for pick-up and we will get them at the baggage claim in their vehicle, transport them to the lot and take payment parking.

Note: If the vehicle is equipped with ADA hand controls, a manager must take the request and get authorization from the customer to transport them in their vehicle.

Second option: If the customer does not authorize SP2 to transport them in their own vehicle, we will arrange and pay for an ADA accessible taxi to transport them to and from the airport.

If the customer rejects our options, we will refer them to another parking lot and either prepay or reimburse the customer for their parking.

Address: 3610 S. 158th St. Tukwila, WA 98188 Office: 206.242.5432